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  • Spring Sale is now on


    We're delighted to announce that the Children's Bed Shop Spring Sale is now on! Spring is the perfect time for new ideas and positive change, and upgrading your child's bed is an important step in their development. Whether they're moving from cot bed to toddler bed, from toddler bed to cabin bed or perhaps you're looking for bunk beds for kids, our spring sale is packed out with high quality bed options.

    Our best selling range of children's wooden beds are included in the sale; the perfect choice for parents looking for a more natural option for their child's bedroom. Wooden beds are a heritage choice, having been used to make sleeping furniture for thousands of years.

    Our range of sale wooden beds includes options for toddlers, younger and older children. You'll even find wooden cot beds and bunk beds too. Wood doesn't have to be plain either, although some people prefer it that way; with our wide range you can choose from a traditional wood appearance to beds finished in a wide choice of colours.

    You'll also find an impressive choice of children's toddler beds in the sale. A toddler bed is an essential step for a child between cot and real bed stages of childhood. Children's toddler beds give kids independence whilst being a safe level from the ground and small enough for their size.

    When you decide to move your child from a cot or cot bed into a toddler bed is always dependent on the child, but it usually happens between one or three years old. Spring is the perfect time to get your toddler used to sleeping in a real bed by transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed, so bag yourself a bargain and pick up a toddler bed in our spring sale.

    This spring you'll also find a really good choice of cabin and bunk beds for kids in the sale. Our cabin bed range has something for everyone with low, mid and high sleeper options. Perfect for mixing and matching with other furniture or buying as part of a package with shelves and desks. Our discounted bunk beds for kids are perfect for those who need a bed for siblings, with a good choice of styles and structures available in the sale. You'll also find a selection of sleepers with fun accessories such as tents and tunnels, perfect for children with big imaginations.

    We all know that getting the kids into bed at night can be the trickiest part of the day, and keeping them there yet another task! As any parent will tell you, getting the right bed can be the change you need to establish and maintain a good bedtime routine. Browse our spring sale today and find the right bed for your child. Whether you are looking for a new bunk bed, a traditional wooden bed or a toddler bed, you'll find plenty of choices in our famous spring sale.

  • Getting the kids to sleep with lighter nights

    Best Children's Beds for bedtime Routine

    As every parent knows, the clocks changing in spring is a double-edged sword. We all love the additional evening sun, but what about when the kids refuse to go to sleep because it's light outside? From sticking to routine to simple practical hacks like buying the best children's beds and even using the sun to your advantage, we've gathered the top tips for getting the kids to sleep during the lighter evenings.

    Sticking to routine

    The most important aspect of getting children to go to sleep on time is routine, which has far more impact than whether or not the sun's still shining. Parents who already have a well-established bedtime routine will find it much easier to keep things in check when the clocks change each March.

    However you do it, make sure you include a story and a bath, preferably at the same time each day.

    A gradual approach

    Some children really are more affected by the clocks changing than others. If your family routine and work/school commitments allow, consider the gradual approach.

    Bearing in mind their body clock is still as it was, push bedtime back by 45 mins, then over the next three nights by 15 minutes less each time, until you have more gradually adjusted them to the new time. This might mean getting up a little later for a couple of days, but if you can accommodate it, this might make life easier for everyone.

    Practical solutions

    The fastest and easiest way to avoid the evening sun being a problem is to not let it in in the first place! No, we are not suggesting that you ignore the institution that is British Summer Time and keep your clocks in GMT, but instead, invest in a decent set of blackout blinds.

    Many parents swear by blackout blinds in summer, just be sure to pull them down a couple of hours before bedtime to stop the room from getting too hot as well.

    The right bed

    Investing in the best children's beds is always going to help with bedtime, whatever the time of year. Getting the right size for your child is also imperative, whether you're looking for small children's beds, children's beds with mattress options or larger cabin beds, getting it right can make all the difference.

    Using the sun to your advantage

    As every parent knows, apart from routine, the easiest way to get a child to sleep is by making sure they've used up all their energy reserves. With lighter skies well into evening, consider an extra walk or play in the garden after dinner.

    A quick trip to the park and an extra shot of fresh air is almost guaranteed to help use up those last bursts of energy. Never remove the important elements or their routine, instead replace some TV time with a kick around or a run in the park, and be back in time for a story and bath.

    From investing in the best children's beds for older kids or small children's beds, to establishing a good routine or trying the gradual approach, any one of these tips will help in your goal of getting them to bed on time!

  • More than just children's beds

    Children's Beds & Furniture

    The ideal children’s room is about so much more than just their bed. The right colours on the wall, the best carpet or rug to make it cosy and the other furniture, which can really make a room into a safe, versatile space for your child.

    Children's beds come in many shapes and sizes, from bunks beds to cabin beds and even themed beds. The bed you ultimately choose will depend on the size of room available and the needs of your child. The other bedroom furniture you will require may vary depending on which sort of children's bed you choose and the storage incorporated within it.

    Bedside furniture

    A bedside table is a great idea. A lamp placed at the beside children's beds can help provide the low lighting ideal for bedtime. Whatever you choose can also provide storage, whether that’s some drawers for clothes or shelving for books.

    Chests of drawers and wardrobes

    Whatever style of room your child would like, they are also going to need somewhere to store their clothes. There are chests of drawers to suit any space, from small to big and short to tall. If the room has enough space then bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe is the perfect way to store clothes that have been ironed and need to be kept neat. Some wardrobes also have drawers as part of them so can store several types of clothing.


    Depending on the age of your child, a desk will become an essential item. As they progress through school, children will be required to complete more homework. Some desks will include shelving, cupboards or drawers for storing homework essentials.


    Bedtime reading is an important part of winding down to sleep so having books to hand can be really helpful. There are different styles of bookcase to suit a range of ages or neutral to fit any decoration scheme, which may be sensible to suit your child as they grow older.


    Some of the furniture discussed above are forms of, or incorporate, storage, but with most children there will always be more required! For younger children toy storage is vital. The right storage unit can help transform tidy up time from a battle to a fun game. As children get older they may need storage for their own interests, whether that’s reading, crafts or gaming. Neutral storage may be less fun for young ones but could have a longer life and suit the room as your children grow up.

    A child’s room can be completed and made personal to them using other bedroom accessories, so look carefully for items to suit your child as they are now, but also to grow with them.

  • Benefits of a kids fold up bed

    Kids Fold Up Beds

    For many people the idea of a folding bed brings to mind uncomfortable sleepovers, but things have changed significantly. Now a childrens folding bed can be a realistic, practical option for many people with a number of advantages. Fold up beds have been gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons and they could be the solution you are looking for.

    Space and money saving

    One of the clearest advantages to a fold up bed is the space it can save. If space is limited or at a premium in your home then a fold up bed may be the answer. With children, the ability to fold the bed away increases the space they can play in and all kids will be in favour of that! If budget is a consideration too then consider a childrens folding bed as traditional beds can be a more expensive option than space saving beds.

    Versatile designs

    A kids fold up bed can come in different designs to suit every situation. Some can be pulled down from the wall like a shelving unit, completely masking the true use and providing much more floor space for play.

    Others can be folded and hidden away in a cupboard or wardrobe during the daytime. A certain type of a kids fold up bed can even be folded into a chair or sofa to allow seating during the daytime and extending out to a bed at night. Have a look at the options available and find the best storage solution for the space you have available.

    Ideal for children

    Kids can quickly get used to the mechanics of a fold up bed and, depending on their age and abilities, manage it themselves. Children may sometimes like to fold it away and spread out their toys on the floor space it frees up.

    However, its a flexible solution and sometimes they may want a cosy reading den. The right sort of kids fold up bed can easily be rolled out and relax with some stories or use the bed as the basis for their play. A kids fold up bed also tends to be closer to the floor so could be safer for children who have a tendency to roll and fall from beds.


    Modern versions of the mattresses for fold up beds offer more support and comfort than you may expect, despite tending to be made from foam. There are also thicker mattresses available.


    Your requirements may actually be to accommodate guests or for your child to easily have sleepovers with their friends. Let your children entertain their friends in your home and have an easy, comfortable bed for the kids staying with you.

    The advantages of a fold up bed are clearly extensive and varied. Have a look at what is available and if they could suit the needs of your family.

  • What bed is right for your child?

    Choosing the right childrens beds is a big decision and can seem daunting. At Children’s Bed Shop we have childrens beds for all ages with options to suit even the fussiest of kids. Whether it’s a cute toddler bed or a high cabin for your teenager, the right bed can make bedtime that little bit easier and be the focal point of a room that your child will actually want to sleep in.

    The transition from cot to bed is a big step for toddlers and you will want to make the process as easy as possible. A themed bedroom can be a magical place for a toddler, and they will love spending the night in our big green tractor bed after a busy day. Or how about treating them to our red Scorpion Racer bed? The only problem may be getting them out of it in the morning!

    If you’re looking for bunk beds with a difference, what could be cooler than spending the night in our camper van themed bed? Or how about climbing aboard our double decker bus for a bedtime story before lights out? For little explorers and den builders, our mid-sleeper range combines a comfortable bed with a tent underneath for imaginative play that your child will just love. And it also provides a handy space to stash away toys at the end of the day!

    If storage is at a premium, consider childrens beds with drawers and encourage your child to pack away their things. Start doing this at an early age and, hopefully, they will keep the habit later in life. Our best-selling Julian Bowen Jupiter bed comes with a host of storage built in and even a roll out desk so that older children have somewhere to do their homework. If you’re looking for a younger boys bed with drawers our Stella Low-Sleeper is a perfect choice.

    For a complete sleeping solution, we also offer our beds with mattresses. If you need a girls bed with mattress look no further than the Steen’s Midsleeper which can adapt and grow with your child for a great value option. With a sleeping tunnel, play tent, ladder, and optional light, this bed is a dream come true. For an alternative girls bed with mattress consider our bestselling Pegasus High Sleeper and they will feel on top of the world!

    Kid’s looking for the perfect gaming set up will love our Kids Avenue Urban Grey Highsleeper 2 which has space for a TV, storage and even a futon chair bed which can be used for sleepovers when the gaming battles are done! They really will be the envy of other kids with this set up.

    Don’t forget we also have a great range of mattresses to suit all budgets and lots of our beds have matching furniture available too. We really have thought of everything so you can look forward to a good night’s sleep knowing your child is comfortable and happy in their new bed.

  • How to keep your child in a sensible bedtime routine

    A bedtime routine with a toddler bed with storage by Children's Bed Shop


    Most parents will agree that life becomes that little bit easier once a child learns to fall asleep independently and can sleep through the night. A good night’s sleep is essential to a child’s development, ensuring they can concentrate and learn, aids good behaviour and improves their mental and physical wellbeing.

    Sleep deprivation is tough on both parents and children; tired children find it harder to regulate their emotions, leading to more tantrums and ‘bad’ behaviour, while in turn, tired parents find it harder to cope with these outbursts and the overall juggle of parenting.

    Finding, and sticking to, a sensible bedtime routine can make significant improvements to a family’s day to day living. A bedtime routine begins with a regular and predictable wind-down, which will promote healthy sleep patterns.

    For younger children, this can include bath time, using a night light and being read a story to help them relax before falling asleep. Each stage acts as a trigger for sleep. For older children, they should stop using phone, tablet or television screens at least an hour before going to sleep, instead perhaps reading a book to help them relax.

    At the Children’s Bed Shop we stock a range of childrens beds that are both exceptionally comfortable and designed to appeal to children. A toddler bed with storage can help little ones making the transition from a cot to a bed; the excitement of a new ‘grown up’ bed can allay any fears of change and help cement their bedtime routine.

    A toddler bed with storage, as well as meeting their growing needs for sleep, also adds places for their ever-expanding toy collection, or for books and clothes. The Kidsaw JCB Digger toddler bed with storage, for example, is both fun and has handy toy storage built in.

    For older children, a high sleeper can help reinvigorate a more childish room, meeting older children’s increasing need for independence and promoting good sleep patterns that they will carry forward into teenage years and beyond. A high sleeper bed with desk is cleverly designed to maximise the available space in a bedroom, making it ideal for smaller rooms. The built in desk future proofs the high sleeper, ensuring it will continue to be useful as children get older and need a quiet place to study.

    The Gami Duplex high sleeper bed with desk is a great example of the range we stock, with a high-end design suiting both younger and older children, which the Kids Avenue Noah C high sleeper also incorporates a stylish sofa bed, perfect for sleepovers.

    The Children’s Bed Shop has a range of beds, toddler beds and high sleepers with options for extra storage, to help children find their sleep routine. And stick to it.

  • New Year, New Hobby

    New Hobbies & New Kids Theme Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    After the excitement and over-indulgence of Christmas, it always feels good to take stock of the past year and set goals for the new year during January. It’s not just adults that can benefit from contemplating all the things we have to feel grateful for and reflect on what we’d like to improve or change; children can also reap the benefits of practising gratitude and planning new things to try.

    Finding a new hobby for the new year can be a great way to build confidence for children and young people. In the current climate, children are spending far more time at home than usual and a new hobby could provide that much-needed diversion from screen time.

    Trying a new sport is great for children, it gets them out into fresh air, gets them moving and all the family can join in. Kicking a football around the park or in the garden is a really cheap and easy place to start, or getting a bat and ball to practise the general skills for cricket is fun for all the family to play together. Playing sport can be tiring so having a good bedtime routine and a kids theme bed (or check our website for other cool children's beds) can encourage children to rest and recharge.

    Reading books is essential for children of all ages. Reading is key to brain development in the early years and a positive start can build literacy and spark a lifelong love of books. A quiet space for reading is ideal for independent readers. If they have their own bedroom, a kids theme bed, such as the House or Tipi Cabin bed might encourage them to spend their downtime away from screens and instead lose themselves in a book.

    For children who share a room, we stock pink bunk beds; add some fairy lights and fun cushions and each child has their very own book nook. Why not set them a challenge of reading a new book each month? Make a list together covering books they would like to read and see how many they can tick off over the year.

    Our range of cool children's beds includes options incorporating a desk. With children needing to participate in homeschooling, having a quiet space to carry out their work can be essential. It can also double up as a place to practise a new crafting, drawing or painting hobby.

    Spending time creating is an essential part of child development and equally something most children really enjoy doing. For younger children wanting a kids theme bed, we also stock separate desk furniture, which they can use ever more as they get older.

  • Metal VS Wooden Children's Bed

    highsleeper wooden children's bed

    Are you redesigning your nursery to make it more suitable for your now grown-up toddler or child and struggling to choose between a wooden or metal bed? There are many pros and cons to both a children's wooden bed and metal bed, and we will go through just a few of these below!

    The positives of a children's wooden bed

    Children's furniture is traditionally made from wood, whether this is treated and sanded natural wood or painted wood. Painted kids' furniture must, of course, be painted with child-safe paint for safety reasons, to ensure that there are no hazardous substances on the piece of furniture.

    Wooden furniture is indeed aesthetically beautiful and has a very traditional feel, especially when you consider a wooden high sleeper with its big yet pretty frame (some might say that this is less of an eyesore than a metal frame, however some may not have seen our stunning coloured metal bed frames!). You might like a simple structure or you may wish to look for one with pretty carvings.

    A wood bed is also very sturdy when made from strong wood like timber, pine or even oak. What's more, with such a variety of options to choose from you can find wooden bed frames that range in price and therefore you will have no trouble finding one to suit your budget.

    Choosing a girls white metal bed

    When you hear the words 'metal' and 'bed' together, you might think of a dull, grey, shiny material. But metal furniture doesn't have to have that industrial look, unless you want it to.

    Metal beds can be as beautiful as a wooden frame since they can be purchased in a range of beautiful colours and finishing styles, offering a lovely alternative to heavy and sometimes clunky wood, especially if you need something subtle to fill a space in a compact room. Modern metal frames such as red, green or black ones are very popular right now but a girls white metal bed is still the most sought after option, offering practicality, durability and also beauty. Metal is hard-wearing, even when professionally painted so you can expect a metal bed to last into your child's teens and simply adapt it to their ever-changing needed and tastes.

    We hope that the above helps you to weigh up the pros and cons of choosing a children's wooden bed over a metal-framed bed, or vice versa.

    As you can see, both offer some great benefits so it's really a case of doing your research and deciding which would suit your space and requirements best. Good luck!

  • Creating family fun traditions for Christmas including kids themed beds

    This year could be the perfect opportunity to start some fun new traditions with your family. There are so many ways to bring some extra touches of fun and sparkle to this festive time of year.

    A good start is to think about what would work best for your family or where you have room for some new ideas. You may already know how the big day itself will run but would like new traditions for the run up to Christmas or for the days surrounding it. We have some fabulous ideas for families of all shapes and sizes.

    Make the most of December with kids themed beds

    If you love the sparkle and fun Christmas brings to a house then why not start a new tradition to put up your decorations on 1st December. A whole month of twinkly lights and glittery decorations will delight the kids and boost everyone's mood!

    If your children are in need of new beds then the run up to Christmas could be the perfect time to get them ordered and set up. First beds for toddlers are an exciting stage and there are amazing options out there now. These range from versatile classic single beds to kids themed beds of all types. It is even possible to get a tent for your bed, allowing a whole new world of imaginative play for your child from their own bed!

    Christmas Eve

    There are some fantastic ideas for traditions on Christmas Eve. There are websites online where you can track Santa's progress across the world. Combine this with sprinkling some magic reindeer dust (glitter!) outside your door and your kids will be bursting with excitement.

    First beds for toddlers can lead to some new traditions themselves. How about new pyjamas for Christmas Eve for the whole family? Cuddly new pjs and reading 'Twas the night before Christmas' before snuggling down in bed sounds like a lovely new tradition for Christmas Eve.

    Remember to find the perfect spot on the new themed bed to hang the stockings too!

    Christmas Day

    Start the big day itself by helping the children open their stockings on their new beds. Then maybe you can think of a special breakfast as a new tradition. Pancakes? Bacon sarnies? Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels? Lots of options and the kids could even be allowed breakfast in their new beds to make it an extra treat!

    Boxing Day

    For some people Boxing Day can feel like an anticlimax after the excitement of the previous day. If this is the case for your family then consider planning ahead. Pantomimes can be so much fun for the whole family or if your local football team are playing why not go and support them.

    However you end up spending the festive period, a little planning can help make it magical for everyone.

  • How a tipi cabin bed could be part of your Halloween plans

    Halloween 2020 TiPi Cabin Beds

    Thought Halloween was cancelled this year? Think again! Although trick or treating as we know it may be off the cards, you can still find ways to make this day of horror full of laughs for the whole family.

    A different kind of trick-or-treating

    If your little one is set on getting dressed up and walking the streets, why not use social media to ask your community to place pumpkins (or picture of pumpkins) in their windows for your children to spot. Each time they see a pumpkin on your walk, they could be allowed to have one sweet (provided by you) placed in their bucket. Just be sure to coordinate walks so that you and your neighbours aren't all out at the same time.

    Using your tipi cabin bed as a movie/sleepover den

    If, however, you don't fancy being outside in this cold and wet weather, then have you thought about being creative and setting up a Halloween-themed evening in your own home? With Netflix showing a number of child-friendly Halloween movies, you can't go far wrong. All you need to do is find a way to make a cosy (or creepy, if your kids are older) den to snuggle up in and job done! A kids' cabin bed is a perfect space for creating a little hidey-hole, plus they will love the idea of camping on the floor. For older kids, some sinister sounds playing in the background might make it even more of a spine-chilling experience.

    Turning the tipi cabin bed into a spooky play space

    Have you considered using furniture, like a kids' cabin bed, to create a Halloween role play setting too? If you are feeling imaginative, you could use old dark bedsheets or blankets to construct a make-believe abandoned house with no windows. With the nights setting in much earlier, it isn't difficult to create that eerie nighttime atmosphere. Using a torch and some other scary props, make up and dressing up outfits, you could play haunted houses and take it in turns to be the ghost!

    Making games out of your cabin bed with slide

    Does your child have a cabin bed with slide? Even better! You could set up some seriously fun modern day Halloween games, such as 'apple sliding' instead of 'apple bobbing', 'pin the nose on the pumpkin', 'wrap the mummy' and more. Be inventive while using the slide to take the enjoyment level up a notch. What's more, you could play with toys and slime, setting up a sea of slime at the bottom of the slide for the figurines to fall into and then have to escape from.

    We hope these suggestions give you some inspiration for your 2020 Halloween celebrations. You can find more DIY Halloween ideas by searching sites like Pinterest, where people often share tips and tricks for your family to start making their own memories.

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